Ecological Constructions

We create functional and sustainable spaces

Ecological Constructions

Choosing ecological materials is the best choice for construction, as they possess excellent thermal and acoustic properties while preserving the environment.

At Eco Constructores, we work with a wide variety of materials, adapting to construction needs, the environment, and your specific requirements. Our focus is to provide personalized solutions that fit the natural landscape and your desires, creating sustainable and functional spaces. Whether you seek to build with adobe, bahareque, straw bales, quincha seca, stone, or cob wall, we are prepared to offer the best options that fit your project and promote an eco-conscious lifestyle. We can build your space using one construction system or combining hybrid systems.

We pride ourselves on using regional materials in our construction systems, promoting environmentally friendly practices. Additionally, we encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange by involving local labor in our projects. This ensures the durability of construction systems and contributes to the community’s sustainable development. We work in harmony with the environment, valuing the authenticity of local materials and respecting each region’s natural richness.


This system uses regional stones bound with lime-sand or mud. Stone construction offers numerous advantages, such as durability, easy maintenance, fire resistance, and thermal and acoustic inertia. Additionally, stone extraction and transformation processes usually require little energy. However, its use is currently less frequent due to its high cost.

Straw Bales

This system uses wooden structures and straw bales to form walls about 50 cm thick, providing adaptive thermal comfort for large temperature fluctuations, from -30°C to 50°C. It is a practical, easy-to-acquire material, energy-efficient, and offers excellent acoustic, thermal, and ecological properties.


Also known as bajareque, quincha, or French wall, this system comprises vertical wooden posts connected horizontally or transversely with wooden strips, reed, bamboo, or other fibers. These elements form a structure filled with mud. Bahareque is recognized for its seismic resistance and pleasant internal microclimate. There are examples of constructions over 400 years old.


This construction system uses large bricks or blocks made from local soil, water, and natural fibers, bound together with mud. Adobe constructions are durable, lasting for centuries.


We are specialists in rehabilitating and restoring all types of properties.

Cob Wall

This construction system uses a mixture of natural fibers and mud. It consists of several layers of mud superimposed to mold and shape the dwelling, which can be square, rectangular, or round.

Ecological Construction Projects