Eco-technologies & Ecological Structures

Eco-friendly Solutions for Environmental Conservation

Eco-technologies & Ecological Structures

At Eco Constructores México, we are committed to offering you eco-friendly solutions that contribute to environmental conservation. With our eco-technologies, we harness natural energies to reduce the impact on the environment in your daily activities. Discover our options and join the movement towards a more sustainable future.

In addition to our most popular services such as bio-digestors, rainwater harvesting systems, and eco-friendly bathrooms, we offer a wide variety that includes geothermal HVAC systems, manual solar heaters, ferrocement tanks, retaining walls made from recycled materials, construction of palapas (using reeds, palm, bamboo, among others), temazcal constructions, and earth ovens.

Dry Ecological Toilet

Discover our Dry Ecological Toilet, also known as S.E.S. – Sanitary Ecological System. This innovative system does not use running water and composts fecal matter, storing urine and feces separately in an ecological and safe manner.

Rainwater Harvesting

We also implement Rainwater Harvesting systems. By using gutters on roofs, we collect and filter rainwater for storage, providing a sustainable and safe water source.


Do you want to use water sustainably? Our Bio-gardens, or wetlands, are units for treating gray or black water. They use aquatic plants and algae to clean the water, allowing for efficient and ecological reuse.

Canadian well

A canadian wells is a geothermal air conditioning system used to adjust indoor temperatures by harnessing the warmth of the ground in winter and its coolness in summer.

Eco-technology projects